Yesterday we were at the school park and Reh comes running to me, he was playing Tag. I get a whirlwind, swooshy spin on my toes and Reh goes – “my mom’s the base!! My mom’s the base!” Only I kept hearing  – “My mom’s the bhains! My mom’s the bhains!!”….. and I shushed him. Also looked around to see if anyone else heard it like I did. He looked at me like – ‘what you dont Like to be the base??’

Era and anyone else who didna comprehend – bhains means buffalo…

Sigh. Remind me to stand far away when That game is on.

Leaving you with a pic of him on the first day of school. Well technically the second bcos the first I realised the camera had no charge. Yea, I can see it – how he’s going to wonder how come I didnt have it charged. Second kids I tell you.



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  1. This is classic! Nat the bhains:)


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