Birthday boy

Today is the little one’s birthday. We are now officially five. 5. The big 5. His personality is set and we are now beholding the sweet, funny, chatterbox he is, boundaries more drawn than mine are even now at this age.

Happy Birthday Reh,

Im glad we’re at such a nice place in our relationship, than it was maybe a year ago. Im glad we reached out to each other and responded. Im happy I understand you now even more than I do your sister who deserves a post all her own. Im proud of the impulsive, well-behaved person you are. I know you inherited ur room cleaning, organising tendencies from your Dad and Im all the more peaceful for it. I just hope hormones dont turn them askew.

I love how youre sillily competitive, how you have to compete for affection even though its all yours, have to be the first in line, have to have what you want and will wait for it. I love how you keep saying I love EVERYBODY in the family not just you, Dad and Noshi mama! exasperatedly. I love how you will blindly be good to a person and listen to nothing negative about them as long as you like them. Also a trait from your father. I love how you remember names of authors of the books you’ve read. The books too. I love how you make deals and ask for breaks even before you’ve started homework. I love how you made it easy for me to decide by saying you dont like Audis. Mercs and BMWs are better.

I love how you irritate your sister, make up silly songs that make us all crack up and how the word foofoo makes YOU crack up. F makes you laugh. You dont say memember or lellow anymore. Oh well. Was cho chweet while it lasted. You’re skinny and I miss my butterball. No school days make you do cartwheels in glee but you’re happy to go too. Transformers are your thing, you hate going to restaurants, you love dancing naked, you talk good on the phone unlike your sister who hates talking on one. You’re very particular that everyone who comes to your party leaves with a decent goody bag and not just baubles and dollar store stuff. When someone asked you what mom’s doing for your birthday you said making a Transformer cake and biriyani with a (I must save my mom’s dignity look on your face – LOL) even though you knew we’re not doing anything since you’re down with pneumonia. Bad timing buddy, BUT this just means we’ll have a bigger and better party. Everyone’s been waiting for a month already calling everyday with a countdown report so we’re going to make it worthwile right?

You are my sonshine, my only sonshine..You make me happyeee!, when skies are gray…just like Will here!

Happy Birthday Reh…I love you!




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  1. Happy Birthday, Big Boy Reh, fellow Scorp:)


  2. Posted by usha on October 30, 2009 at 11:12 am

    Happy happy birthday Rehaan! ask your mamma to give you a HUGE hug and a sloppy kiss from us!!

    lots n lots of love…
    usha aunty, sunil uncle, shraddha and shravan


  3. Happy birthday Reh, and feel better soon!


  4. Happy Birthday Reh darling… you just get cuter every day 🙂


  5. Oy! So late! But huge hugs from Aunty S!!


  6. Belated birthday greetings to Reh! Take it easy. I’m a lot like you but i’ve just learned to deal with being myself , so don’t be too harsh on yourself.

    Loved the Belgian chocolate bit.


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